I robot essay

Topics: Morality, Robot, Isaac Asimov Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Quan Ha
Mr. Gagne
Philosophy- Period 5th
Reflection Assignment
1. The circumstance that caused Del Spooner to become skeptical about robots. The time is the car accident makes him and young girl to river. At that time, a robot came to save him but not that girl drowns. Because Spooner can survival after that accident. So he does not believe the robot anymore and the robot cannot be live like a human 2. In a brief parallel to The Matrix, it seems that no one else doubts the begin nature of the robots. In The Matrix, people can only see human, nothing else. In me, robot movie, robot is appear realistic and work for human. In The Matrix, seem like everything made by many number and function. In the “I, Robot” movie, they are not deceiving themselves about this. Because people known the robot had create by human. And they can see clearly the different. 3. Only humans can find significance in a wink because wink is meaning thing that only human can understand. The wink does not have suppose meaning, it just the action created by human. So, only human can know what is it means. The wink is the communication signification between human and human. 4. The reality of the Three Laws, which we find out about even before the story begins to be told, already tell us that there is some problem with the robots. Because robot is a machine used to serve for human. Everything in their mind had set up by human. Robots do not have feeling and emotion. All they can know is follow the program. Robot does not have human being. 5. Some scholars think that moral laws are “hard-wired” into the human being’s behavioral abilities while others say this is not the case. The implications for the definition of the human being if we follow the moral law, we are human. Human can understand others ‘feeling. Moral law is the thing to keep us in a way. But everything is not perfect. It built up dependent on people actions. So, moral law is made by human and can be complete by human...
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