I Don't Make Decisions Case Study

Topics: Decision making, Problem solving, Decision theory Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: November 28, 2010
1. Why does Ted Kelly’s descision-making style work?
Ted Kelly developed a little bit strange looking type of decision making which in fact is making no decisions at all. He says that everything he does at work is just a lot of good sleep on his sofa at office and reading a few memos about department achievements every week. He passes all the decision process to his subordinates, as he is the one, the leader of the wolf pack, and they only bother him with problems that they really can’t solve. Each department has it manager who is in charge of solving problems of his field and then at weekly staff meeting, whole group of managers discuss the results of plant and also they discuss problems which couldn’t be solved at the department level. They have a lot of responsibility and that is the main motivation for them to give their best into the work they do. They also don’t want to disappoint their leader, in this case Ted, who gave them all the mighty power they have. As reward he chooses some of the best players to be later promoted and this puts a little scent of competition among all the managers, so they try to solve problems of their departments as soon as possible and with positive endings.

2. Is Ted Kelly abrogating his decision-making responsibilities? Explain. I think that he is not abrogating nothing at all, but frankly speaking, I can’t imagine if I was able to apply this kind of decision-making if I were the leader. It is like leaving everything to the others and do nothing at all. What is then his purpose of going to work every day when he only sleeps there? I don’t see it. But as from the point of managerial system, his system of non-decision making works. He then sees that his approach brings positive results, that all his subordinates do their best to prove him that he was right when he chose them. 3. Would you like to work for Ted Kelly? Why?

Maybe yes, maybe no, it’s difficult question because he gives too much power to hands of the individual...
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