C.S Lewis

Topics: Morality, Religion, Ethics Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: May 11, 2012
C.S Lewis “Mere Christianity”

1. C.S Lewis contends, in Mere Christianity, that human beings have within them an inherent knowledge of a universal Right and Wrong. He claims that this moral conscience of sorts has existed throughout time and transcends civilizations. Thus, in that sense, the law of Right and Wrong is something we discover rather than create. C.S Lewis argues that the clearest explanation for this, is that someone had put this concept of Right and Wrong into us and this person must have created us. He then concludes that this creator must be God. I feel there are a few issues with C.S Lewis' contentions. His claim that morality is universal is difficult to document. Also, morality between civilizations has amounted to substantive differences. For example, homosexuals used to find themselves a persecuted minority in the West just decades ago. Arguments justifying this persecution tended to be that homosexuality was immoral. Today, mindsets towards homosexuality are slowly being reversed with an increasing percentage of people no longer viewing homosexuality as immoral.

2. In the reading The Law of Human Nature Lewis says that it does not matter what cultural background you come from, whether its Hindu, Greek, Roman, Ect. morality is the same. Lewis says man might have a different view on how to bring up a family or what they will fight for but everyone has the core moral code that says you should not put yourself first in front of your family and no one is congratulated when they run away from battle. He says to find a place like this is like going somewhere that two plus two makes five.
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