A Tale of Two Cultures Essay

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Asia Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Khoa Nguyen
A Tale of Two Cultures
1/ As an Asian, I think if anyone who owns an international firm were doing business in Asia, they should have partly responsibility to those societies where they are trading their products. There are things I would suggest them to ease the tensions in Asian societies. Some possibilities for this may be they should do charity work to help people who suffering economic difficulties, financially supporting and giving employees time off to do volunteer work for cultural fairs and festivals, and making counselors available in the company to help employees with their troubles.

2/ I agree that globalization is causing people in all countries to new ways of thinking and behaving. However, I also think a lot of social problem are not the result of globalization, but of other forces causing social change. For example, drug is not a new problem to most of the countries; optimum has been used in Asia for a long time ago. Moreover, a lot of women in Asia are no longer financially dependent on their husbands because of the growing employment of women in the workforce. Thus when marital problems arise, divorce can be a viable option unlike in the past.

3/ In Asian countries, cultures are really important. We can see that there are important and significant differences in culture between the Asian nations, most of Asian countries have their own cultures, so we cannot put every country as just one culture. 4/ I agree with the statement “the sooner Asian cultures adapt the better”. It is true that companies around the world are striving to learn Western business management principles, so the Asian cannot stand outside that train; we need to learn what is good for us. The shift toward Western management principles in Asia was seen during the Asian economic crisis: Governments passed laws forcing greater transparency among companies and banks, and many U.S. and other Western companies were buying up...
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