A Streetcar Named Desire

Topics: Education, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: May 13, 2013
This week’s reading is related to how learning objectives should be, what learning objectives should engage with and importance of providing feedback. Learning objectives are what students learn in class. Feedback is making comment on what students need to do to improve their performance and understanding. Setting objectives has some features to increase effectiveness of objectives. The first one is that learning objectives are not too general or too specific. They should not restrict students or they should not make students’ learning meaningless. They should state that what students will learn in class and which assignments or activities will be done. Students that know what they are supposed to learn have a great opportunity to be successful. Therefore, teachers should inform students what they will study in today’s class at the beginning of class. The second one is that parents should know what their children do in class. That parents ask questions like what did you study in class today is helpful for them to engage with their students’ learning. Teachers can distribute a handout which contains learning objectives in a parents’ meeting. The third one is that learning objectives should associate with previous learning and future learning. If a teacher knows students’ background, he or she refers to previous subjects. For example; today we will study multiplication, do not worry it is like addition. Multiplication helps you make addition more easily. Students should make a connection with the previous learning and they know that it will be related to future learning. The last one is that students should personalize what they learn. When they see a relation between what they learn and themselves, their success increases. In addition, feedback helps students improve their learning. Teachers should inform students what they will do next time and they should evaluate their performance. To sum up, teachers have a...
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