A Simple plan

Topics: Morality, Moral relativism, Truth Pages: 4 (915 words) Published: October 25, 2013
Key Idea/ value
What is Raimi saying?
Example from the film
The obsessive urge to position and power
(Value whatever it takes to get where you want to go
What you are willing to do/ devalue)
At the films outset Hank appears to have succeeded where his father failed- he has a wife who loves him, the respect of his peers and a stable job. However, his desire for a better life for his family without the everyday money worries characteristic of the time period. The things his father thought it takes for a man to be happy “For a while there, without hardly even releasing it, I had all that. I was a happy man”. The film’s opening sequence establishes hank as a man who had it all.

The scene where they find the plane “it’s the American Dream in a gym bag”. Foreshadows outcome of bad decisions, foreboding music, snow falling, ravens. Gash on head marks him as a changed man, emerges from the woods differently. (Also gets cut at end).

Symbolism of heir. The audience cann relate to Hank and Sarah;s desire to provide a better life for their child than the crad-to-grave money worries characteristic of their ecpceirence in the late 20th century. ld is symbokic, we are able toe relate to simple pna more than we can relate to Macbeth, epmahise with the character better can understand his decision. Farms didn’t work,. Educated was not needed


A sense if amcarabe is created throughout the discoverey scnbe suggesting that it eill The corrupting power of ambition, is demostrated through Hank’s binary opposite persoanlitieis ecpcosed at thebeginning and conclusion of the film (circular narrative structure). We see Hank become an unhappy man, see where his ambition has led him. Can arrive with nothing in America, if you work hard you ill achieve economic success. His discovery tests the American Dream, because they didn’t have to work to get it. Moral relativism, discregard Chrisitan ,orality, weigh up whats best for them, it...
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