A Mixed Culture Wedding Ceremony

Topics: Dance, Culture, Wedding Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 19, 2013
The wedding ceremony
November, 3 2012 it was a Saturday evening at the renaissance Marriott in Austin Texas and on the 2nd floor Lisa and Dahlia was having their wedding ceremony. The ceremony was romantic and pleasant with a great opening and great interior design. The ceremony was held in the smallest event room in the Marriott hotel, the place could only have a max of 2 hundred people. When entering the room you face the dancing area in the center of the room then behind that all the way in the back is like a mini stage set as a proscenium, where fancy gold Indian furniture set is set up for the groom and bride to sit. When looking from the stages view, you see the dance floor in front of you in the center of the room then left and right of the dance floor there’s tables and chairs for the guest. The structure and setting of the room was set up really nice because it is set to show the audience/guest that the main focus is the dance floor located in the center then stage located all the way in the front and that is nothing more to pay attention to. The design of the room had an Indian type of theme but had some artistic African crops set up all over the room to show the mixture of the two cultures. For example the furniture a gold jhula which is an Indian/western Nepal antique and on every corner in the room there was these big Somali baskets that were decorated with colorful flowers. Another culture mix was the costumes of the bride and groom, the bride wore a colorful Somalia wedding dress called a Dira while the groom wore a Indian suit called a Sherwani . then towards the middle of the ceremony they would switch out costumes and the bride would wear a Indian dress call a sari and the groom wore a Somali suit. Switching up the costumes really showed that they are willing to except each other’s culture and background. Another way they shared their culture difference coming together is the performance they had. There was two small bands that each...
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