A Day Spent Without Reading Is Day Wasted.

Topics: Knowledge, Kate Winslet, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: September 1, 2011
Reading is the act of understanding, deciphering, comprehending or interpreting everything that is written down by any means whether it is handwritten, digital or electronic. Reading can be from checking simple text messages to comprehending extremely sophisticated poems. The simple act of reading can be associated with newspapers, books, dates, instructions, self-written work, expressions, information on a computer or websites, essays, poems, and just about everything that is readable. Reading requires determination and passion. Reading can take a person from the present to the past or future, to Italy or to Rome, to the library or kitchen (or even the loo!).Without this simple act, our day would be wasted. Reading provides the reader with such experience which makes them crave for more. It has been proven to increase memory power, improve one’s language and maintain discipline. It improves grammar, writing skills and the ability to decipher some words while speaking to someone none of which are obtained from watching television, socializing or traveling. It is the fuel to one’s imaginations. The habit of reading not only provides entertainment but also gives the reader certain amount of satisfaction. They make the reader more active, creative, informative and, of course, knowledgeable. It is unimaginable to spend a day without reading anything at all. It is almost impossible. When considering reading as a broad term, it can be just about anything. If a person is literate and normal then he cannot avoid all forms of reading and if he does then, yes, his day has been a total waste of time. Reading is usually considered as reading books, essays, stories, poems, etc. This view is constricted to reading only materials relating to literature and language. When considering these particular acts, reading might not be a common thing to all. If a person does not read a book or an essay a day then his day cannot be considered as wasted at all because he might have been...
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