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Topics: Morality, Ethics, Decision making Pages: 10 (2435 words) Published: November 22, 2013
Written Report on Lesson 11 (My Values Matter)
Moral Values
Love of God
Love of Truth
Respect for Life
Respect for Authority
Respect for Human Sexuality
Responsible Dominion Over Material Things
Love of God
God is the highest priority
Respect God’s name all the time
See God in others, even in the most unfriendly and arrogant persons Love of Truth
Never tell a lie
Look at both sides of the situation before making a judgement. Read and study hard to know more and develop oneself
Avail of every possible opportunity to learn
Respect for Life
I take care of my health by avoiding foods and behaviors that may affect my well-being. I care for my environment, avoiding anything that desecrates it. Join activities that aim to respect and protect the environment. Help promote advocacies the respect all forms of life.

Respect for Authority
Respect and obey your parents, teachers and elders.
Instead of criticizing authority figures outright, I try to understand their point of view. I discourage negative remarks against teachers and other persons in authority. Respect for Human Sexuality

I am happy about being a boy/girl.
I accept my own strengths and weaknesses as a boy/girl.
I act according to my norms of being a boy/girl.
Responsible Dominion Over Material Things
Avoid wastage and unnecessary consumption of material things. Conserve energy to save for the future.
Share with others the blessings that I received.

Written Report on Lesson 12 (My Discernment of Right and Wrong) My Discernment of Right and Wrong
What does it mean to be morally good?
Their respect for themselves and other human beings. In turn, reflecting their actions. And also "The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children." -Dietrich Boenhoffer An act is morally good when it satisfies three criteria:

1. The goodness of the object
2. The end or purpose of the object
3. Circumstances

Written Report on Lesson 13 (My Acts and Moral Standards)
My Acts and Moral Standards
Immoral Acts
- the wrong acts wherein it will either bring about detrimental consequences or does not adhere to a formal set of rules
- emotion, logic or sentimentality
- blaspheme, adultery, killing.
Moral Acts
- refers to the right act that has either moral or immoral consequences - intent
- free will
- “right” acts
What are moral standards?
Guideline or basis for making moral decisions
Deals with matters that can hurt or benefit other people
They are not formed by the changes or decisions made of particular authoritative bodies Is it right? Is it reasonable?
Means “the way of walking” or “the path”
Collective body of Jewish religious law
Factors that affect the degree of voluntariness in COMMITTING IMMORAL ACTS. FEAR, HABITS, PASSION, LONELINESS, PEER PRESSURE
are not always reliable basis for making moral decisions.
Majority’s decision
is also not always reliable.
Only the reasons that are based on God’s instruction are reliable when it comes to making moral decisions.
“Is a thing desirable because it is pleasurable, such as computer hacking for a fee or benefit?”
“Is a thing desirable because it is pleasurable, for example, sharing your textbook with your classmates who cannot afford to buy one for himself because he is poor, and by sharing it with him, he will be able to do and comply with the assignment given by the teacher?” Always remember…

Desirable acts are good when they satisfy God’s standard of good.
… And what is good according to His standard?

A person is good when he does what God commands.

Written Report on Lesson 14 (My Dignity as a Person)
Is our lived knowledge of good and evil, our judgment about how should we act, and our commitment to do so. A moral faculty or feeling prompting us to see that certain actions are morally right or wrong. My Dignity...
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