Yalta and the Potsdam Conferences

Topics: World War II, Germany, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: September 28, 2010
The Big three during the war.

- When the war was going on, Britain and the USA were allies of the Soviet Union, but the only thing that united them: Hatred for GER. - In 1945, the Big three held two conferences i.e. Yalta and Potsdam, in Feb and Jul respectively. - Tensions became obvious after them.

- Yalta: seemed successful, they agreed to a Protocol of proceedings.

1. RUS would join UN
2. Divide GER into four zones for UK, FRA, USA, and RUS.
3. Bring Nazi War Criminals to trial
4. Set up a Polish democratic government or a Provisional government of National Unity. 5. Help the freed peoples of Eastern Europe setup a democratic government, by helping them to maintain law and order, carry out emergency relief measures, set up governments, and be able to hold elections. 6. Set up a commission to take care of reparations

- But behind the scenes, tension was growing, Churchill wrote to Roosevelt about the threat of the Soviet Union.

Potsdam: July 1945

- At Potsdam, the allies met after GER surrendered, to decide upon a Post-War peace.

But many changes had been made:
- America had an anti-communist President Truman, after Roosevelt died. - When he went to the conference, Truman had learn that the US had just tested an atomic bomb, and gave the US a huge military advantage; but Truman did not tell Stalin about this, and when the Americans did use it -> Stalin got very upset. - Woodrow Wilson had just lost the elections to Attley.

- Also, In March 1945, Stalin invited the Non-Polish leaders and arrested them.

The Conference agreed on the following set of protocols:

1. To set up zones of occupation in Germany. Nazi Party, Government and laws were to be abolished, and German education was also to be controlled, because it had been completely indoctrinated by Nazi ideals. 2. To bring Nazi war criminals to trial.

3. To recognize the Polish Provisional Government as National Unity, and hold democratic elections ASAP. 4. Russia was allowed to...
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