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Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Climate Pages: 12 (4174 words) Published: September 16, 2013
International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol. 3, No. 4, August 2012

Impact of Climate Change on Rainfed Agriculture in India: A Case Study of Dharwad Asha latha K. V., Munisamy Gopinath, and A. R. S. Bhat
developing countries, climate change will cuase yield declines for the most important crops and South Asia will be particularly hard hit (IFPRI, 2009). Many studies in the past have shown that India is likely to witness one of the highest agricultural productivity losses in the world in accordance with the climate change pattern observed and scenarios projected. Climate change projections made up to 2100 for India indicate an overall increase in temperature by 2-40 c with no substantial change in precipitation quantity (Kavikumar, 2010). In course of time where the industrial revolution occurred in western countries and usage of the fossil fuels increased rapidly, on the other side the natural buffering system for climate change forests, were destroyed indiscriminately for want of fuel, fodder and timbers in the developing countries. These factors were intensified by the human activities in the past 250 years, which had tremendous impact on the climate system. According to the IPPCC the green house gas emission could cause the mean global temperature to rise by another 1.4oC to 5.8oC. Already the symptoms of climate change were observed at a faster rate in the artic and under artic regions through melting of the frozen ice which have danger of submergence of the coastal zones. In the case of the inland water source, there is tremendous change in both surface as well as ground water due to erratic rainfall and occurrence of frequent droughts. Many studies (Parry et al., 1999; Darwin, 2004; Olesen and Bindi, 2002; Adams et al.,2003 and Tsvetsinskaya et al.,2003) find that region-specific analysis is required to evaluate the agronomic and economic impact of weather changes in more detail.

Abstract—The impact of climate change is studied in many aspects in different locations in the country and it is concluded that there is high impact on agriculture compared to any other sector in the country. The study results revealed that the climatic variation such as occurrence of drought have high level of impact on the yield of Rainfed crops. The farmers perception on the impact of climate change on the crops grown in Rainfed condition, such as yield reduction and reduction in net revenue. The farmers already act to the changes in the climatic changes both by adopting the technological coping mechanisms on the positive side and negatively through shifting to other professions. It is concluded that the small and medium Rainfed farmers were highly vulnerable to climate change and to a larger extent the small and medium Rainfed farmers adopted coping mechanisms for climate change compared to large farmers. The study suggests that as the impact of climate change is intensifying day by day it should be addressed through policy perspective at the earliest to avoid short term effect such as yield and income loss and long-term effects such as quitting agricultural profession by the Rainfed farmers. Index Terms—Climate, net revenue, rainfed, vulnerable.

I. INTRODUCTION Climate is one of the main determinants of agricultural production. Through out the world there is significant concern about the effects of climate change and its variability on agricultural production. Researchers and administrators are concerned with the potential damages and benefits that may arise in future from climate change impacts on agriculture, since these will affect domestic and international policies, trading pattern, resource use and food security. The Climate change is any change in climate over time that is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods(IPCC, 2007).Since climatic factors serve...
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