Write an Essay on the Cultural Differences Between Afghan and Australian Society.

Topics: Australia, Religion, Culture of Australia Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Afghan and Australian cultures differ from each other to quite an extent. They can be thought of as opposite sides of a coin which share no direct similarities or are in any way related. The Australian view of correct etiquette and decorum contrasts significantly with that of the Afghan society which is based and derived from their religion, Islam. Religion is the major reason for the incompatibility between Afghan and Australian cultures. In Afghanistan all decisions are dominated by religious beliefs and values. In distinction it is moral and ethical codes that Australians follow, this is dictated by their law which is constantly being revolutionized. Usually these two ways of life contradict each other thereby causing conflict and feelings of enmity towards each other. In addition much of this anger is directed towards the status of women. In Australia women are free to wear whatever they want and are encouraged to enter the work force. However in Afghanistan, the role of women in society is a complex and delicate issue. The women’s responsibility is first and foremost to ensure the maintenance of their households rather than go outside and work. They are also expected to cover their bodies with loose fitting material and at the very least wear a headscarf to hind their hair. Furthermore politics in Afghanistan is far more complicated than elsewhere. The government holds no real power and it is tribal leaders or foreign powers who govern the internal affairs of Afghanistan, usually exercising their own laws and punishment. Therefore Afghanistan cannot precisely be referred to as a true democratic nation. On the other hand Australia has a diverse culture and its lifestyle reflects its liberation and democratic freedom. It has no signal culture but takes seeds from many different nations and nurtures them into something different. Those seeds grow into a tree of immaculate multiculturalism where each individual is free to practice his or her beliefs...
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