Woven Garments Costing

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By the inherent grace of Almighty ALLAH.I have completed my Industrial attachment report. Therefore, I would like to thank Him to give me such energy patience in order to continue my uninterrupted diligence over the industrial attachment. I would like to express my intense gratitude to the supervisors of my industrial attachment, Mr. Mazedul Islam Mazed , Lecturer ,Department of Textile Engineering, FSIT. Md. Jashim Uddin ,Director, Polka Dots Fashion LTD.GM , AGM ,Technical Manager , PO Polka Dots Fashion LTD for their solicitous contribution by co-operating me in each step of preparing the industrial attachment and also for their inspiration. As well as, I am also very thankful to my friends, brothers and different persons for providing such idea about my industrial attachment and for sharing their experience. At last, I would always like to thank most gracious, most merciful ALLAH.

Practical knowledge is very much essential for the education of textile engineering and technology. Practical knowledge makes us capable and perfect to apply theoretical knowledge in practical life. The Textile Division has the capability to offer a complete product range for the export textile markets. The goal of the Textile Division is to become the preferred partner for sourcing high quality fabrics and clothing from Bangladesh. With highly advanced technology and emphasis on developing local human resources. That is why B.Sc in Textile Engineering course is extruded over four years followed by two months industrial training in mill. It is attached to our study curriculum to achieve adequate practical knowledge and develop adoption power with industrial environment. I preferred this attachment in Polka Dots Fashion Ltd, which is a 100% export Garments Industry. Working environment is very good in this industry.
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