Wolf Of Wall Street 3

Topics: Morality, Stock market, Ethics Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: June 12, 2015
Wolf of Wall Street

In my opinion, the entire movie was a road map on how to engage in unethical behavioral in the corporate world. Even if we left out the drugs, the sexual exploration of women and the total lack of morality exhibited by the main character we would have a great deal to talk about. Ethics is what a society considers the path governing acceptable behavior verses unacceptable behavior. What an individual considers right or wrong is based on his or her value system. Where these two concepts meet is where the characters in this movie seem to have no concept of. Jordan Belfort the main character in this movie operates in an ethical vacuum; he neither follows moral guidelines, nor; considers the consequences of him not. In the beginning Jordan Belfort was a man of modest means whose main concern was to take care of his wife. As time went on the thrill of the ability to manipulate and con investors feed his greed, which earned him the name”Wolf of Wall Street.” There were many unethical and illegal practices that occurred in this movie. I believe Jordan Belfort ignored moral reasoning when it came to making decision to determine what was right or wrong. Let’s take Mark Hanna for example. Mark Hanna influenced Jordan Belfort by impressing upon him that the only way to be successful in the industry was to be relaxed and that the best way to relax was to relieve sexual tension by multiple times a day and using cocaine to stimulate his mind and alcohol top everything off. If Jordan would have just used the minimal amount of moral reasoning he would have saw that this concept was at the very least flawed and very most dangerous and illegal. The resulting spiraling downfall could have possibly been avoided Jordan had not allowed himself to be manipulated. If Mark Hanna would have been an ethical leader he would have given Jordan a totally different speech with totally different motivating factors. Ethical Leadership or the lack there of played...
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