Witness Essay

Topics: Morality, Amish, Ethics Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: May 23, 2012
‘Witness’ remains a text that speaks truths to audience today. Discuss.

The themes presented in the film ‘Witness’ are definitely still existing to the audience of today due solely to the fact that the Amish still remain in present society. The Amish are a community where modern technology does not exist. The film establishes a culture clash between the Amish and the ‘English’ which still occurs today. The idea of a culture clash in the film ‘Witness’ is played on by Weir as he establishes a clear difference in the ‘English’ and Amish communities. The scene where a long shot is used to show a horse and carriage and a truck, drive alongside each other is a juxtaposition that displays a lack of technology in the Amish community and lifestyle. In effect to this scene Weir shows a twist of cultures that do not fit together, the theme of a culture clash. This idea still occurs in modern society today as it is stereotypical to believe that not being able to access modern technology is as if you are being cut off, pushed away as an outcast to the mainstream world of technology. This can be linked to the film ‘Witness’ as the Amish, who do not use modern technology, inhabit a part of the land that is a far enough distance from suburbia to not be affected by technology and the lifestyle it brings. The difference of the two cultures in the film ‘Witness’ are significant. Even though the two communities, the Amish and the ‘English’, live by completely different morals and laws, they still operate and function normally knowing that each community frowns upon the other. This perception of another culture is seen widely in the world today, for example immigrants living amongst Australians. Both culture groups have a completely different lifestyle and some of these rules clash with each other, however the two communities still carry on with their daily lives almost unaffected. This coincides with the Amish and ‘English’ in the film. “And you be careful out among the...
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