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Take a moment and think about the meaning of wisdom? Think of someone whom you consider wise. This person might be involved in your daily routine, or a religious/political leader. It’s someone who you look up to and learn from him/her actions. Wisdom is known through three important traits; one must have good judgment, pure confidence, and knowledge. These traits are difficult to be obtained and they help us define wisdom. Wisdom has many different dimensions that are hard to be defined. We can’t just think someone is wise because they know how to make the right decisions. No! Wisdom takes more than decisions making. It’s all about leading, knowing what is best not just for you but for your followers as well. You have to be confident of yourself and your own decisions. You have to obtain the knowledge that defers you from the people that surround you. A wise man has to see things in many different point of view, has to have the ability to see the bigger picture, and many more traits that are yet to be defined. Yet everyone had different view of the true meaning of wisdom. As I read through Gilgamesh I learned how he went from a selfish king to a kind and wise king to his kingdom. He is also trying to advice his readers of how to follow what we desire and passionate about in our lives and how to establish the right way to live it the right way. Gilgamesh was way different from the uthalakana, the zulu child trickster from African mythology stories. They both defined wisdom within way different traits and actions.
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