Will the Global Environment Continue to Deteriorate?

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Earth Pages: 8 (2954 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Will the Global Environment Continue To Deteriorate?

As we go into the new millennium, global environmental pollution and the related climate change remain one of the most challenge to the world. Global environment which is the single most challenge facing the world will continue to deteriorate unless urgent measures are taken into consideration. Historical and social background

The first instance of global environmental challenge was raised back in late 19th century. However this was not taken seriously not until the1950s when serious effects of environmental challenge were first noted with various changes in the global climate and Polar Regions. The first incidences of global environmental challenge were noted with the changes in the polar region. Scientist raised concern that the polar ice was meeting at a very high rate and the world was losing a precious water reserves (Ruddiman, 2005). Apart from losing the polar ice, it was also noted that there as increased incidence of diseases and pest in the world. These were the earlier evidence which were coming up in the 1960s which showed that there was changing environmental challenges. The raped rate of change of deterioration of the environmental changes clearly indicated that there were radical changes that were taking place in the environment (Viotto and Kauppi, 2009). However the most critical changes that turned the attention of the world the issue of environmental changes was the change in global temperature. One of the challenges that are posed by global warming to the human race is global warming. Edouard and Frank (2006, p. 2) assert that for the last one hundred years, the average global temperature has increased by 0.74± 0.18 from 1995 to 2005. According to Kanautkhove (2001, p. 42) the main cause of global warming is increased emission of green house gases including carbon dioxide, methane, and others. Increased emission of these gases has led to a rise in their concentration in the atmosphere which has brought about the green house gas effect. However this has also been contributed by some of the natural phenomena like the solar pattern and it variations, and volcanoes activities which have been taking place in the world for a long time could also have contributed to the increase in global temperature. Climate change is perhaps the most important sign that his being used to evidence the effect of global warming. Everyone in the world has observed that the climate patterns have changed sometimes having prolonged drought while at other times we are experiencing heavy rainfall. Compared to the early years of the last century, our contemporary climate patterns are more unpredictable. No one knows how long the winter or summer will last. Changing climate pattern is a danger to the human race considering the number of people we have lost in prolonged droughts or in floods. Still the world does not know what the future holds. We have evidence of climate change in all parts of the world which have affected us in a way or another. To give the most recent example, Harvey (2005) stress that Katrina is one the most devastating experiences in the world. Katrina hurricane claimed hundreds of lives and destroyed property worth millions of dollars. All over the world, we have seen a picture of people dying from prolonged droughts or from floods. Notably, changing climatic pattern has long term effects on agriculture and food chain cycle especially in the developing nations. Climate change, due to global warming effects poses a particular danger to the existence of the human race. These changes have long been attributed to the global warming effect caused by human and natural activities. What is global warming? Global warming is the increase of the temperature of the world. This increase in temperature is recorded near-surface air and in oceans. The increase in temperature has been recorded since the middle of the 20th century. Why is global...
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