"The Wild Children" by Felice Holman and it's Correlation to the Implausibility of a Communistic State

Topics: Communism, Soviet Union, Communist state Pages: 5 (1938 words) Published: December 20, 2006
"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

The latter, rather confrontational quote was written by Winston Churchill in an

attempt to describe the provocative state that communism entailed, more specifically the provocative state Russia had become after the Civil War of 1818 and furthermore as Joseph Stalin began his term as head of the newly formed, USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Unequivocally, one of the strongest examples of this quote is the mass presence of homeless children that plagued communist Russia throughout its history. Known as the Bezprizorni, or wild children, these young adults and small children alike, became homeless as they lost their only relatives to the government directed Great Purge and the famines and wars that beset the people of this "Great Union". "The Wild Children", a book written by Felice Holman, depicts the life of a boy, Alex, whom becomes one of these bezprozorni after his family is taken away by the secret police. This great piece of literature not only captures the great struggle that these children had to face, but the plight all Russians had to succumb to in Communist Russia. How the communist leaders demanded utmost obedience and control over all factors of life and the lives of their comrades. How one was to be merely a comrade and nothing different, disallowing individualism, ownership and any aspirations or hope. How one was coerced not to think for themselves and rather blindly obey the position and perspectives of the leadership of Russia. How one was not to accept but rather, appreciate everything, they were to receive, without thought or hopes to something better. It ultimately, expresses the human desires and needs that are unaccounted for in a communistic society and proves it's inevitable disambiguation; a theoretically possible, yet realistically implausible government form that aims at the equalization of all the social conditions of life.

The achievement of this goal required much more than equalizing property. It called for the communistic leaders to assume utter control over all forms of influence of the people and economic factors of the nation. The communist leaders, firstly, removed the magisterium of the Catholic Church as it controlled far too much undaunted influence. An influence, the communists hoped to assume in their absence. Furthermore, though they did not restrict religious practice, they hoped that in removing its structure and restricting religious gatherings, that religion would slowly lack any company in Russian life. Additionally, with the protective deans of the church removed, faith and hope in religion was greatly reduced, as noted when Alex journeys to Katriana's. "He passed the old church... and thought he could run in and ask the help of the old priest...But just as quickly[,] the idea was trampled by the true recollection of a night a few years ago when the soldiers had stormed the church... Hundreds of the faithful had fought to try and save the ikons but were beaten and the ringleaders shot." [Holman, p. 5] Nevertheless, the communist regime was unable to control everything, which was essential to the theoretical world communism tried to create, causing grotesque inefficiencies and inabilities in concept, forcing unjustified consequences. For example, "The weather blocked Moscow from food from the outside" [Holman, p.74] causing herds of wild children and other peasants to move further south for new ways to find and acquire food. This food being rationed for other areas besides the mouths of these starving, migrating Russians, thus, causing inefficiencies and forcing the action and involvement of the military. Most disheartening to the government, however, was their inability to quell individualism and the western ideas of capitalism in its simplest forms for, as Kostia enigmatically put it, "We have to find opportunity where...
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