Wiig Km Model

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Wiig KM Model

1.Introduction :
During a career spanning 35 years – and counting – Karl Wiig was working with the concepts embodied by knowledge management since before the term was even coined. Officially, Karl Wiig is retired. But, as Wiig himself says, sometimes this just doesn’t work. After a 35-year career as a technical and management consultant, he therefore continues to sit as chairman and chief executive of the Knowledge Research Institute, working with clients in the implementation of knowledge management-based approaches to improving internal operations and organisational decision making.

Knowledge management models are the one which are used for the organisation's best to collect, store and analyze knowledge to have an advantage over their competitors. KM [Knowledge Management] in its broadest sense, is a conceptual framework that encompasses all activities and perspectives required to gain an overview of, deal with, and benefit from the corporation’s knowledge assets and their conditions. It pinpoints and prioritises those knowledge areas that require management attention. It identifies the salient alternatives and suggests methods for managing them, and conducts activities required to achieve desired results. (Wiig, 1993, p. 18)

2.Description of model :

There are some useful dimensions to be noted in Wiigs KM model. They are completeness, connectedness, congruency, also perspective and purpose. ‘Completeness’ refers to how much knowledge is useful from a given source. Sources can vary from human minds to knowledge bases (i.e, tactic or explicit knowledge).We first need to ascertain the knowledge out there, the knowledge may be complete if all the information available on the subject is there. ‘Connectedness’ refers to the well understood and the comprehensive relations between the different knowledge objects. Most knowledge objects are object are connected to each other, the more connected a knowledge object is then the more...
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