Why I Would Make a Good Manager

Topics: Knowledge, Epistemology, Function Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: May 12, 2011
A good manager is one that knows the department and what is necessary for it to run smoothly. He treats each employee equally and with respect. A good manager looks to his people for input on issues causing problems and for ideas to improve overall functionality.

I would be a good manager because I would always make sure that I was knowledgeable about each function in the department. I would treat each person in the department equally and with respect. I would listen to the individual and try to improve the department with information that I receive from people doing the actual job every day. I would lead my people by example.

I have experienced partiality and favoritism. I would not treat my employees this way. A company I worked for in the past was considering restructuring. They brought an advisor in that immediately decided he did not like me and decided to challenge everything that my department or I was responsible for. One of the other people in the department had worked with the advisor before. They had a working knowledge of what the other expected. The other person had no knowledge of my department and what was necessary for it to function properly. The advisor decided to put the other person over my department and me. I had worked for this company for many years and felt that the advisor was wrong and that I was being treated unfairly and without respect. I left the company. The main thing I would do differently would be to try to resolve the issues and give the new person a chance. I was not ready for change and this was my problem. The advisor was not knowledgeable of my department’s functions and was partial to the person he had worked with in the past. These two things caused a major disruption of the overall performance in the department.
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