Why We Should Care About Protecting the Environment

Topics: Weather, Climate change, Ocean Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: October 23, 2010
We should care about protecting the environment because climate change

causes malnutrition. Malnutrition is a poor condition of heath caused by lack of food.

Perhaps people assume that this issue cannot possibly occur. However, agriculture is

strongly influenced by raising temperature and acid rain, which is made by gas

emission. Acid rain will make plants gradually dying and no more fruits and

vegetables for us. According to Michael Reagan, people who manage their farms in

the tropical developing nations will probably understand the reduction of productivity.

Additionally, serious weather conditions such as typhoons or monsoons, can devastate

agrarian areas and no more food for whole communities. Climate change also leads to

water pollution that will poison the ocean, and no more fish and seafood for us also.

Subsequently, some day, climate changes will cause hunger if we continue to ignore

our environment.

Protecting our environment is our responsibility because we live in it and use

its resources. Protecting our environment is equivalent to protecting our house. For

instance, when we live in a house, we cannot just live in it and disregard what is going

on with our house. It is the same thing as our environment. We ought to care our

environment since we live in it and use its resources. We must be aware that if we use

too much or we use it in a wrong way, they may be vulnerable and then run out.

Obviously, people can afford a new house, but they cannot have a new environment.

The only thing we can afford is trying to save our evnironment as soon as possible.

According to Gedden Cascadia, every kind of living beings on earth has a definite

quantity of time to survive before unavoidable extinction begins to affect it.

Therefore, we need to realize what is happening with “our house” and fix the

problems. It should be quickly implemented since it is our prime care now.
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