Why Should I Take Government

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Why Should I Have To Take Government?

Students should have to take a government class because many of today's eligible voters don't have much knowledge of the government and how it functions. When these students are eligible to vote, they will have the knowledge to make the right choice for government officials. In the long run, a proper government education will be beneficial to the future system.
If one doesn't know how the government works, how do they vote for a candidate? The more someone knows, the more power they have. People can vote knowledgeably instead of whish name sounds better. With the knowledge comes the power and with the power you have the ability to make a difference. A personal understanding not only helps the student but also with the nation.

Many immigrants know more about the government than many high school students. When immigrants become U.S. citizens, they have to take a literacy test. The test incorporates many questions involving the government and government positions. Many students don't know the first ten amendments, and the literacy test asks for the test taker to state the first ten.

There are laws covering almost all of our everyday activities. The government regulates and issues those laws. The government makes students go to school. Therefore, the students should understand the government, so they realize how important education is. By knowing the government the students will know what there rights are and how their rights were made.

Many of today's voters don't have proficient knowledge of the government. Taking a government class would educate future voters about what government is and how it functions.
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