Why Do Animals Revolt in Gerge Orwell's Animal Farm

Topics: Political philosophy, The Animals, Communism Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Why do the animals revolt?

1) Political- the animals did not want to be controlled. They wanted a free and fair society in which everyone had a say, essentially making everyone equal.

2) Economic- They were not making money or the resources needed to help sustain the farm and themselves thus taking toll on not only the individuals but the families of the group.

3) Social- In the beginning the animals were constantly mistreated by Mr.Jones this led to the up rise, in which the animals took power. Why was liberalism adopted by the animals?

1) Political- it would mean a vote, so technically a democratic system. The people decided who would lead them to a plentiful / stable life in which they were given “rights”. 2) Economic
Free market in which trade was aloud, in which the animals were free to decide what they wanted to buy and what they didn’t want. 3) Social- Everyone’s happy to begin with, until people begin to control the economic side of the system.

Why was liberalism rejected by napoleon?
1) Political- He wanted complete power of what happens and complete power of government this is generally known as a dictatorship. He hid behind this saying it was the best type of rule which won over the public. 2) Economic- Napoleon described liberalism as unfair and unjust because in liberalism competition enables different classes. The bottom always loses, while the middle works for the top who always gain. 3) Social- without this completion everyone would be equal and society would run more efficient. Everyone would get what they need to survive and the class system would be demolished.

What methods did napelon use to reject liberalism?

Why did napelons leadership fail?

Why do the aniamls revolt?

But before long, the pigs realize the humans had it pretty good, and against their own edicts they begin sleeping in human beds and carrying out death sentences on those who cause problems. Their publicly posted laws...
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