Why America Should Put a Cap on Co2 Emissions

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Global warming Pages: 7 (2115 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Karen Mayo

Professor McEachern

English 112

19 June 2012

Audience: The General Public for Informative Purposes, President Obama (even though he already supports the C&T system) and other politicians to gain momentum in implementing this system.

A Policy Proposal: Why America Should Put A Cap on CO2 Emissions

America is a material world, a world of frequent fliers and heated swimming pools, that makes comfort and indulgence a priority. What used to be a fast paced culture is now a society expectant upon immediate gratification, whose inhabitants are more likely to drive an SUV two blocks to McDonald’s rather than walk to the nearest market. It’s a country where the norm is to own more than one car per family, where meat is often a part of every meal, where you can find central air and state of the art appliances in any given middle class home. And in a country as fabulous and extravagant as America, the cost of living acquires a whole new meaning. America is one of the leading contributors of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment because of its eco-unfriendly culture. These harmful emissions trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, leading to climate change and other environmental problems. By accelerating what is known as “the greenhouse effect”, American lifestyles have begun to affect the lives of those all over the world – a situation for which responsibility needs to be taken. Though there are varying opinions on how to go about resolving America’s impact on the environment, the best solution would be to implement what is known as a Cap and Trade system – a system that would be the most efficient means of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions, ultimately bringing in the reigns on environmental, economic and health problems worldwide. Problem

CO2 is one of the main gases contributing to global warming, which is scientifically proven to accelerate the natural process of climate change - currently the most serious environmental and humanitarian issue we are facing. Climate change has a domino effect on all components in the environment, causing storms, floods, droughts and wildfires (“Climate Change”). High temperatures caused by greenhouse gases like CO2, are responsible for the erratic weather patterns that we have already experienced here in New England. In late October of 2011, New England experienced a Nor’easter, where snowfall ranged from six to 30 plus inches leaving millions of people without power and essentially calling off all Halloween festivities. Even though October is quite early to see such weather patterns, even more peculiar is the mild winter that followed during the usual blizzard months of January and February. Additionally, the mild winter we experienced in New England in 2011-2012 was vastly different from the winter of 2010-2011 where I, personally drove through so many snowstorms I needed to purchase new tires and sand bags to put in the trunk of my car to prevent sliding on ice. I also recall my car getting stuck on a hill that winter thanks to treacherous weather conditions, and three different good Samaritans stopped to help shovel me out, recognizing the danger on the roads. There are several examples like those previously mentioned, including the fact that I never expected to feel the aftermath of Virginia’s 5.6 earth quake, an event so unusual in this area many did not immediately recognize what was happening. And who would have expected hurricane warnings for that matter? These were all unprecedented weather patterns we experienced in only the past year, but some may ask what’s the big deal? Why is climate change an issue?

Perhaps climate change, at first would not pose an immediate threat to American society, but of course the climate change is not just happening on our soil, hence global warming. Unfortunately, Americans are making others pay for their habits, and in some cases those who contribute little to global warming are drastically affected. As...

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