who should pay for the global warming?

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Industrialised nations produce greater amounts of CO2, yet it is poorer less developed nations who are suffering the consequences of climate change. Emerging nations, such as China, are high polluters, but they state that other countries do not have the right to limit their capacity for growth? Climate change needs to be addressed, but who should pay? Discuss.

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Changing climate causes an imbalance in the nature and its natural equilibrium. The recent events in Acapulco, Mexico are just an example of the impact the climate change has on the whole earth. People are left with nothing but themselves and need help and support from the government and are very grateful for help offered from donators from all over the world. In the past years the number of events like that rose drastically and it is all due to the climate change that the countries have caused. Every time a huge amount of cost follows but who should pay for all the damage done? In the following essay the questions of responsibility and liability will be discussed and furthermore how future generations can be protected.

The reasons and triggers for climate changes go back a long time and are hard to distinctively tell. The actual impact of an act against climate can only be recognized a few years later. That in mind, it is very hard to actually find a person or group of a society that is responsible for the climate change. In order to determine the cause the degree of pollution and destruction has to be found out for every single factory or company. But on the other hand with no one to hold liability everyone has to cover and deal with the outcome and also the coverage. But not only the question of “who?” is raised but also “how?”. Apart from the fact that it is nearly impossible to really figure out who should be taken for account it is also not possible to say how. The cost that sums up for damages...

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