Who Are the Real Leaders of the World?

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There is always a MAN in a WOMAN, a LAD in a LADY, an ADAM in a MADAM. And of course everyone knows that there is always a woman behind every successful man. Why are all these sayings so universal and true. I think this world would become a more harmonized place to live in without any quarrels and without any aggressive activities if women would have been the rulers of the world. It is actually the women deserving the position and YES they are the actual rulers of the world but unofficially. This is because they dont want men to feel worthless or ignorant or make them feel that they are better than them always in overall or in totality.(In totality..i dont say that men are absolutely nothing...but overall qualities..i mean, today women are capable of handling everything...managing their household activities, maintaining relationships ,successful in outside activities, at work, keeping both, patience & confidence in them always which is difficult for men to balance) Every man comes into existence through a woman. A woman is the hand that rocks the cradle. Women have always been great and it is their greatness only that to rule the world they have given this opportunity to MEN so that they become worth something. They learn something, and do something productive from the teachings and learning each one of us has imbibed from our Mothers in childhood , that is ; mummy tells her kids to make friends, to share with others, to remain happy , to learn to love and always to give others. She gives this chance to MEN to rule the world. Ask me Why? The answer is that she wants to purposely give this chance to them that whatever she has taught them on herself how much they have understood it and how much they can implement it on the world. REST I MUST NOT SAY...........................THE GROWING SCENARIO...THE CONSEQUENCES AND THE RESULTS OF MEN RULING THE WORLD ARE IN FRONT OF ALL OF US...THE OPPORTUNITY given to them to understand the world, implement...
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