Where's the Patis?

Topics: Knowledge, Experience, 2001 albums Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Looking back at my life, I can say that I do not own a lot of achievements that I can really brag about. Though I definitely know that there are more important things in my simple yet colorful life that I will always remember. The events that I never expected to happen and the unforgettable moments that have brought me to this place, where I am standing right now. I have already experienced many challenges, trials and triumph. I have received satisfying recognition and tough criticism through out all of my efforts that I have exerted. I have seen painful losses in my family, in my friends, in my close community and in my loved ones’ lives, which are really hurtful. I have also seen genuine happiness from the people around me who have risen up and have fought back from their troubles and problems in life. I have witnessed the same happiness from the people who have incredible fighting spirit whom I draw inspiration from. I have felt disappointment from the things that i have worked so hard for but just have failed them in the end. i have felt fulfillment in the many significant lessons that I have learned and from the important achievements that I have gained because of my continuous effort. I have felt sadness and emptiness from the times that the world has given me too much problems, which I didn’t think that I could handle. All of these feelings and experiences that have happened to me are the things that make me the person who I am right now. In my life, I make sure to learn from everything that i will encounter. I always try to get guidance and advice from the people that know better than me so that I can have fewer errors in my life and to make more good decisions. I have been through a lot of the_ this world has to give already.

Because of all these events that I have experienced, I have realized that I am lucky to hold a number of opportunities in hand to become a better person. I have learned essential life lessons from all those things that I...
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