When It Comes To Decision

Topics: Fiedler contingency model, Leadership, Decision making Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: May 3, 2015
When it comes to decision-making, leaders must be sure of what they have decided. A leader must know the weight of the decision that needs to be made and decide on the correct process for making that decision. Single handedly making a decision that might require input from staff or asking for input from subordinates when the decision is simple can make a leader seem incapable. Leadership demands a lot of adaptability. A leader must understand the different decision making processes and models and know which one best fits the current situation. Two such models are the Vroom's Model of Leadership and Fiedler's Contingency Model. The Decision Model of Leadership developed by Vroom is used to determine how much the group will be included in the decision making process by assessing the group, its leader, and the current situation. This decision-making model uses a flowchart to determine the best style of decision making for the current situation. The three decision-making styles are group, consultative, and autocratic. In the group style the decision is made democratically with everyone being involved in the final decision. In the consultative style the leader will go to the group for suggestions, but will ultimately make the final decision. The autocratic lives with in a dictatorship, they will consider the situation and make a final decision on their own. The Fiedler contingency model was developed by Fred Fiedler and designed based on organizational psychology. Fred Fiedler, was a highly regarded scientist in his field, and was responsible for the shift from studying personality traits and characteristics to studying leadership styles. Before Fielder it was assumed that there was one leadership style that the best for all situations. His contingency model points out that leadership style and situational control play a major role in which leadership style is best in any given situation.

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