What makes a good Literacy Specialist

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a) From my perspective a good literacy specialist is one that should possess the required

qualifications and experience in reading, assist children in learning to read and write,

work harmoniously with teachers, parents and school administrators in the

implementations of an effective reading programme and is capable of identifying those

students with reading deficiencies.

b) Based on my readings, professional knowledge and classroom experience, the three

characteristics that I observed of a known good literacy specialist are as follows:-
Her ability to plan and execute an efficient reading programme based on her analysis of students through observation and assessment. Her creative ways, knowledge of modern literacy instruction and differentiated learning was evident through her use of technology, music, drama and art that the students were engaged.

She used variety of books and other printed materials that was appropriate

to the readers’ developmental level and interest. This I believed was geared to assist the reading and writing capacity of each student, and in addition their creativity, imagination and an appreciation for reading would be developed. Thus they would be able to better understand themselves as well as society.

Possess positive attitudes towards the learner, by finding the time to assess

their strengths and weaknesses. This would assist in identifying reading

deficiencies and the planning of instruction (Jaegar, 1996). In addition, positive

relationship building with students is necessary for their success, as it enhances

student’s self-esteem and thus learning is motivated.

Her learning environment promoted literacy activities, as it was print rich,

comfortable and welcoming. The class was structured into groups and activity

corners where pupils were free to utilize once they had completed...
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