What Kind of Learner Am I?

Topics: Education, Experiential learning, Learning styles Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: December 23, 2012
What kind of learner am I?
The learning style of people is logically characterised by their past experiences of learning, for example, when a person is exposed to a learning situation, he gains knowledge. While obtaining and thinking about the gained information the person develops a learning preference or learning style over time. Throughout this essay I will prove that I am an assimilator because I recognised that I obtain my knowledge through theory rather than practice. Firstly I will explain Kolb´s theory which includes the experiential learning cycle and the four learner types. After that I will explain what my learning preference is and how my learning style relates to Kolb´s four learner types by giving examples of my past learning experience. As a conclusion in the last paragraph I will talk about what the importance of writing this essay was and finally I will explain how I can be a better learner.

In this paragraph I will explain what Kolb´s experiential learning cycle is. The cycle consists of four stages. The first stage is concrete experience, which means doing something, the second stage is reflective observation and means thinking, the third stage is abstract conceptualisation and means speculating, theorising about alternative actions and the last fourth stage is called active experimentation and means as the name implies, experimenting or trying out things. According to Kolb each learner has a tendency towards one stage of the cycle and being able to be flexible is the key to effective learning (Payne and Whittaker, 2006). To conclude a balance between the four stages of Kolb´s learning cycle is not necessary, but being flexible and adapting to one of the stages in the right situation is the key to effective learning.

In this second paragraph I will outline Kolb´s four learning styles. The reason why Kolb in addition developed four learning types is because the complexity of a learner type is not sufficiently described by just one of the...

Bibliography: Payne, E. and Whittaker, L. (2006). Developing Essential Study Skills, Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd.
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