What Is Education

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Maria Gonzalez
April 13, 2012
What is Education?

We currently live in a society where information is more easily accessed than in past times. Before, if we wanted to know the mass of the Earth, we would have to go to a library and research books in order to find out answer. Now, all we do is simply go to a computer, type our question in, and millions of answers pop up in just a matter of seconds. All this technology has made our lives a lot easier. Everything is now right at our fingertips, or at least two clicks away. Colleges and school even offer online courses, where you can earn a degree without even leaving your bedroom. Educating yourself now seems as easy as logging on to a computer. With this total reliance on technology, people are failing to realize the true importance of education themselves. Nicolas Carr, in his essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” writes of how the internet is causing us to think less. Since we have more information available to us, we do not put as much thought into problems as we used to. Now we just skim the surface for what we need rather than digging deep. In Charles Siebert’s essay, “An Elephant Crackup?” Siebert writes how elephants have a similar psychology to humans. Siebert describes how elephants are like humans in many ways, yet humans fail to recognize how parallel we are to each other. Not only do humans fail to recognize patterns in themselves, they fail to recognize patterns in their own societies. In “The Myth of the Ant Queen,” by Steven Johnson, Johnson writes of self-emergent patterns that were used to create artificial intelligence. Self-emergent patterns appear all over our society, but most people barely even recognize them. The role of education should not just be to memorize and recite facts; education should give us the building grounds to apply those facts for the betterment of our lives.

Today’s modern society is too reliant on technology. Instead of people shaping technology, it seems that...
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