What Does Studying in the Knowledge Society Mean?

Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Sociology Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: January 31, 2011
What does studying in the Knowledge Society mean?

Nowadays people deal with much more information than ever before in human history. For this reason today’s society is called the Knowledge Society or the Information Age. The process of globalization and its “children”-increasing integration of communities, rapid pace of life, the global network of exchange and innovation of new technology, revolutionizing all aspects of our daily lives, creating new models and values, whose development has been widely reflected in all spheres of economic and social life.

There is no doubt that the elimination of borders between countries, free movement of people and goods and exchange of information have created new opportunities for people. At the same time in the era of rapid social and technological changes leading to increasing of life complexity, more and more differences among ideas, individuals and practices, totally modified the way we communicate, work and study.

Back in the days studying at university was a symbol of prestige. A university diploma was something like “the safest path”-a well-paid job, social status and safe career. Studying abroad was only a dream or a very expensive luxury that the vast majority of people couldn’t afford. Today things are slightly different. Learning at university is widely accessible and a great diversity of international training programs gives you the opportunity to study and specialize everywhere. Moreover,the whole concept of education has been changed. In my opinion in the dynamic time in which we live qualities like management skills, ability to work to deadlines and to be a good team member, knowledge of foreign languages, previous experience and highly computer-literate are more important for every employer in comparison with theoretical knowledge. Therefore, nowadays teachers pay much more attention to practice and working knowledge and encourage students to use the whole variety of resources to...
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