Week 3 DQ 2 HCS335

Topics: Management, Morality, Health care Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Week 3 DQ 2 HCS335
How might health care managers become sensitive to administrative ethical issues? According to Milton, Peacock, Storch, Smith & Cornelissen (2010), "Respondents described conditions under which they experienced distress: when they set priorities within highly resource-constrained environments, when they observed inequities between budget allocations and management responsibilities, and when organizational priorities did not align with their personal values. When coping proved insufficient, managers would respond by leaving positions, organizations or the healthcare field altogether."  Respondents asked for leadership development and the creation of spaces in which moral distress could be openly discussed. However, formal training in priority setting did not appear to be helpful on its own. Rather, it increased managers' awareness of the ethical dimensions of resource allocation without (in this instance) entrenching supports that would help them resolve these concerns. Healthcare executives regularly encounter a variety of ethical issues—from organizational issues, such as interactions with suppliers, to the complex clinical issues of end-of-life patient care decisions. To ensure these wide-ranging ethical decisions are being made effectively and in the best interest of patients, employees and the community, healthcare leaders need to set the ethical tone of the organization. Leaders can begin by establishing a systematic approach to ethics so when ethical issues do occur; the organization’s actions to address them match its core values. To do this, leaders should identify and discuss specific ethical challenges, determine how to approach them and provide practical insights to help maintain and enhance ethical performance. Buell, J. (2009). Ethics and Leadership. Healthcare Management Ethics, 5/6, 54-57. Retrieved from http://www.ache.org/abt_ache/MA09_Ethics.pdf
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