We Reap What We Sow

Topics: Morality, Adolescence, Value Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: January 23, 2011
A favorite hobby of many people over the last few decades has been to lament over the moral decay of the young generation.They love to ramble on about the high teen pregnancy rate,drug problems,common teen suicides and homicides,the rising tide of violence,etc etc. They get hyped up when stories like Redwood City mother who allegedly arranged sex for her 13- year-old son wanting him to go to bed with a family friend instead of some "girls off the street." make headlines . The older generation always points out that "Back in their days" such things would have never occurred. Adults tend to be mystified by the roots of such corruption.One of the most commonly cited "reason" for the degradation of society is "the media".Movies, reality shows and popular novels exalt non marital sex, drug use and violence, which causes the younger generation to act in a like manner.I'm not going to say that "the media" is totally blameless,but it is undeniable that they only show what we want to see.Overall "the media" enacts as an amplifier of trends that are already current in society.Thus,they are seldom (if ever) the ground cause of any problem. They may help in assisting to the severity of the problem, but they are not the cause. So what can be the cause of the continuing breakdown of our moral values?The cause of the degradation of society's morality is the neglect it has received from the older generation.

Two to three decades back the young generation used to have special sessions in school to teach moral values. Where have those special sessions disappeared? Many of you question this when you see the pathetic state of affairs surrounding us. A country which boasts of a lush cultural heritage is coming to naught, because many have forgotten to guide the younger generation. Society used to teach kids to greet their teachers, to rise from their seats when elders entered and to be tolerant and respectful towards others.Nowadays teenagers need to be reminded to greet...
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