Walt Whitman’s poem “When I heard the Learned Astronomer” and Raymond Carver’s “Short story Cathedral

Topics: Walt Whitman, Knowledge, Ralph Waldo Emerson Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: December 9, 2013
The literature and poetry have a big part role in a human mind and feelings. The works of such outstanding “masters of words” as Walt Whitman and Raymond Carver have always been highly appreciated by the readers because they make the readers think mover of vital things, such as concepts of life and death.(Acosta, 2014) End of the Walt Whitman’s poem “When I heard the Learned Astronomer” and Raymond Carver’s “Short story Cathedral”, the narrator has a new and deep understanding of stars or of cathedrals. (Acosta, 2014) What I have learned by reading this paper how you can learn and understand so much about a writer, and how the narrator gets into the reading, and how they feel about it and how it affects their lives. In a way it can affect your own life, like how it makes you feel, how you look at things, and how you feel about the writer and the story. The narrator in Walt Whitman’s poem “When I heard the Learned Astronomer” demonstrates his natural reaction, and represented a great variety of, charts, proofs, figures and diagrams.(Acosta, 2014) The narrator has a romantic nature to them. It is hard to learn something from direct experience and the words of the lecturer can’t impress the listener to the full extent, while personal experience gives an opportunity to get a fundamental understanding of some phenomenon. In Raymond Carver’s “Short story Cathedral”, the narrator who is represented as a close-minded person changes his relation to the blind man Robert when he starts communication with him. He gets an opportunity to understand those things which have always been strange to him.(Acosta, 2014) At the beginning, the narrator is represented as a person who has no real experience with the blind man, which is why he can’t understand his wife who maintains a close relationship with Robert and knows that he is an interesting and very wise person. At the end of the story, the conversation concerning cathedrals helps to “open the narrator’s eyes”.(Acosta, 2014)...
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