Vostok Ice core report

Topics: Global warming, Climate, Climate change Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Vostok Lab Report
Title: Global warming, a natural interglacial change on temperature.

Global warming has been widely discussed all around the world as it is an issue that affects the living of all mankind in the world. It is argued that the ‘anthropogenic’ changes posse more influence on the climate change to the Earth, compared to the ‘naturally driven’ glacial and interglacial changes in temperature. This report is based on the Vostok Core by faculty at Columbia University as an example for us to investigate global climate change. Author of this report believes global warming is just part of the long term temperature fluctuation during the interglacial period as there is no convincing and valid evidence that shows human activities are the only reason of the raise of global mean temperature.

This report is written to summarize the findings of the Vostok Ice-core lab, based on the data obtained in the ice-core. It mainly addresses the relationship between the composition of ice core and temperature change. Moreover, the controversy of main reason of global warming will be discussed.

In this report, the data is obtained from the Vostok core drilled in East Antarctica, at an altitude of 3488m. The ice core has a total length of 2083m. In the sample, the temperature, composition of CO2, CH4, and dust in different each ice sheet layer is recorded. Through investigating the relationship between the composition of CO2, CH4, dust and the age of ice and gas, the paleoclimate including local temperature can be shown. It shows the fluctuation of climate in the past hundreds of thousands of years.

Due to limited resources and technology in the past, it is difficult to measure and record the climate data hundreds of thousands years ago. Through investigating ice sheets that were trapped in the ancient snow, climate data hundreds of thousands of years ago can be estimated. The reason of using the ice sheet drilled at the...

References: Dans guard, W., H.B. Clausen, N Gundestrup, C. U. Hammer, S. J. Johnsen, P. M. Kristinsdottir, and N. Reeh, A new Greenland deep ice core Science, 218, 1273-1277,1992.
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