Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies Of Indonesian

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Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies of Indonesian Postgraduate Students through Reading: a Review

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This paper is a review of an article written by Nanang Bagus Subekt and Michael J. Lawson, both from Flinders University School of Education which was published in International Education Journal volume 8 issues 2 in 2007. First, this paper summarizes the article by showing a brief summary of the research questions, methodology, the finding and the conclusion. Then, this paper elaborates the finding of the study with the broader concept of reading comprehension and vocabulary recognition. At last, this paper reviews the strength and weaknesses of the study in term of methodology of study. The study of vocabulary acquisition strategies has a purpose to investigate the strategies of vocabulary acquisition used by Indonesian postgraduate students during reading. It formulates four research questions: 1) when foreign language students find unknown English words, what procedures do they use to understand and memorize the meaning of those words? 2) How frequently are these different strategies used? 3) What procedures do they consider as the most effective for acquiring a new vocabulary? 4) What is the impact of vocabulary learning strategy usage on vocabulary recall performance immediately and over time? The participants of the study are 25 Indonesian students who take their S2 or S3 degree in a university in South Australia. They come from different fields of study. Before the study is conducted, the participants are required to fill in their status, i.e. gender, time length in Australia, IELTS score received before they enter Australia, prior occupation and university English teaching. There are 15 target words - which participants are not familiar with - used in this study. The 15 target words taken from TIME magazine are tested in four sessions, in which each session is in one week. There are two kinds of vocabulary test used...

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