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The Vietnam Conflict: A Nation’s Intervention

Directly after the Second World War, nations everywhere were suffering from post-war dilemmas; governments were in turmoil. To many countries, the antagonist of democracy, communism, seemed like a valuable answer to end their state of turmoil. Vietnam, being one of the countries that sought for an answer, was split in half upon making a decision. America was in fear that a North Vietnam communist takeover of South Vietnam would ignite communist revolution all around Southeastern Asia, so they decided to intervene. Many civilians were led to believe that the Americans in fact had no business being in Vietnam; however, these accusations are entirely false. Therefore, the USA’s intervention in Vietnam during the 1950-60’s was justifiable as an action to protect its national and international interests from communism.

During the time that the Vietnam Conflict was erupting, America had already been involved in retaliating against other communist activity regarding the Soviet Union and China. These nations were already known enemies to the US because of their communist beliefs, and were a problem. Even before the United States entered into South Vietnam, these communist nations were backing North Vietnam in its hostile communist takeover and were trying to prevent democracy (Kaufman 9). The US actually only started to become involved in the conflict after this news was passed down to them, and it was clear that communism was quickly spreading once again because of the Soviet Union and China. In fact, the only reason North Vietnam could go to war was because the Soviet Union and China were supplying the region with heavy weapons and plenty of ammunition (Isaacs 206). Vietnam was simply the next Kyle 2

country being persuaded by other communist nations, and the US realized this as soon as the Chinese and the Soviets decided to support North Vietnam. Also, the Soviet Union had seen this...
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