Values Formation

Topics: Poverty, Global warming, Filipino people Pages: 5 (1171 words) Published: May 24, 2013



Chapter 6: Values Formation and Moral Recovery
1. What is the main goal of Values formation and moral recovery? 2. As a student, how do you exercise the values being promoted by the Institute?

Chapter 7: Industry and Entrepreneurship
1. Why should Filipino companies extend help to those who need it? 2. In what ways Filipino companies help the community?

Chapter 8: Care for Health
1. How does malnutrition affect the society?
2. What is the cause and effect of the malnutrition in the community? 3. How the governments react to this problem?

Chapter 9: Environment
1. What is the cause and impact of overpopulation in global warming and climate change? 2. Why is overpopulation the major cause of global warming and climate change? 3. As a student, what are some things to help our community to stop global warming and climate change?

1. What are your realization, learning and insights with the four (4) modules that you read? 2. How was the topics appreciated?
3. Were you able to comprehend the topics through the on-line activity? Or would you appreciate more the topics if discussed in a classroom session? 4. Give suggestions or comments on how to improve this type of learning?


Chapter 6

1. The main goal of Values Formation and Moral Recovery is to better inculcate and demonstrate the values to its recipients and to show applicability to real-life situations. 2. As a student, I always obey the institute’s rules and regulations. I practice discipline by complying with all my requirements and coming to class regularly.

Chapter 7

1. Filipino companies should extend a helping hand to financially challenged Filipinos because it is their only way of paying back God’s overflowing Blessings to them. Also, their business could not operate in isolation and must involve itself in solving greater social problems to ensure their survival. Without the Filipino people there will surely be no Filipino companies. And no one will help a Filipino but a Filipino himself also. 2. They help the Filipino community by building extensive road network, schools and other public works. Their help was largely in the nature of philanthropy, mainly regular donations or dole-outs when called on for assistance. This went on well into the 1960s with department units handling community relations far removed from the core activities of the enterprise.

Chapter 8

1. Malnutrition at an early age can cause a spiraling effect that deepens the influence of poverty and entraps individuals and societies in what is known as the “cycle of poverty.” The theory incorporates many factors that reinforce one another, from the social to economic to political contexts that...
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