Value of science

Topics: Morality, World War II, Good and evil Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: September 25, 2014

Richard Feynman is a world renowned physicists, he is known especially for his help in the development of the atomic bomb. Considering that he is the creator of the worlds most dangerous weapon, The Value of Science can be interpreted on an entirely different level as Feynman goes back and forth on the concepts of good vs. evil as a way to reflect his moral conscience. Richard Feynmans’ morality can be seen through his passages about good and evil in the world of science and the world outside of science. During Feynmans’ opening point he states that when good things are created because of science it is because “moral choice” (Feynman 64) led them to that discovery. In other words, when someone makes something beneficial in science it is simply because while they were making it they were considering what is right and wrong. He continues by saying that each scientist is given the power “to do either good or bad” (Feynman 64). However, there are no instructions on how to decipher which one you are doing. Therefore, you could create something disastrous due to the lack of direction. In addition, he references a Buddhist proverb, “To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell” (Feynman 64). He is relating this quote to the good and bad choices that can be made in science. For example, in the proverb the “key” would be the science, “heaven” would be the good that can come from science, and “hell” would be the bad that can come from science. However, whether it be the power to do something good or bad or the key to heaven or hell there are never and instructions on which choices will lead you where. If you don’t have instructions, “the key may be a dangerous object to use” (Feynman 64). Based on the diction he uses in this section it suggests that he is feelings guilty for the effects of the atomic bomb since he is using words such as “bad”, “evil”, and “dangerous”. It suggests that perhaps Feynman feels as if he opened...
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