Valid and Creditable Article Search

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Valid and Credible Article Search

The attributes of a good source are the credentials, impartiality, style and tone, and currency. The credibility of the author is important, he should know enough about the subject to write about it. The author should have sufficient education and professional experience to be credible. Or the author should have first-hand knowledge or experiences in the subject. If the information is not a product of the author’s own work then his information should be well documented. The author’s impartiality plays a part as well. You have to be aware if the author is biased on the subject. You should get additional information to keep your information balanced. You should also look at the author’s style and tone of writing. You have to determine the target audience, not to simple but not something that is beyond your understanding either. Finally currency should be considered. Depending on your subject some information can be outdated. For example, consider any facts or statistics that could pertain to the early 1900’s may not be suitable for a paper about something in the 21st century.

I chose Business Communication: The Mainstay of an Efficient Business written by Akinchan Buddhodev Sinha. I believe this article is credible and valid because the author is an assistant Professor at the Siva Sivania Institute of Management and therefore has the professional and educational experience to be credible. The document is well documented and current, most of the works cited are less than a year old. The author’s target audience is academic in that it is not simplistic, but detailed enough so that the information is readily understood at my education level.
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