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Initially Paul is hesitant towards Keller’s teachings as he was patronising and never let him play, but as the novel progresses Paul ends up learning a lot from Keller about both piano and life. This is highlighted in the quote where Paul is expressing how much his initial feelings towards Keller will change throughout his life

“Sitting here, setting down these first memories of Keller and checking them through, believing them accurate I find it hard to understand how much i came to love the man, to depend on him.”

Foreshadowing and Emotive Language.

When Paul comes across Joseph Henisch, someone who once knew Keller before the loss of his family he realises how much Keller has changed as a result of the circumstances he endured

“If we were discussing the same man, how different our two versions. Or perhaps i was mistaken. Perhaps they were not the same man, in a sense.”

Narrative Point of View.

When paul describes his parents he highlights the strong bond both his mother and father share with music.

"Something bound them together, some deeper language held in common... Music was another glue.”


In the novel Paul’s parents both share a deep passion for music. They both have different thoughts on music which is shaped by their life experiences and contrasting personalities. This is highlighted when Paul is describing his parents relationships towards music,

“Apart from piano they had little in common. When i think of my parents i see only polarities, hard and soft, fair and dark, thick and thin.”


Paul’s dad in the novel suffers from post war trauma. He uses music as a form of therapeutic outlet that helps him get rid of the terrible memories and feelings he once had.

“I suspected i was glimpsing some part of him that had long been repressed; some frivolous, joyous core that hardship. childhood tragedy and the War had buried inside him too long.”

Emotive Language and Imagery

Paul’s mother,...
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