Use of Computers in Medicine

Topics: Medicine, Computer, Surgery Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Uses of Computers in the Medical Field
By: Tashauna Roberts

In today’s society, there is a wide range of computer use. Almost everywhere you go today you are required to have some sort of basic understanding of how a computer is operated. In my report, I am going to tell you how computers are used in the field of medicine. There is a wide variety of use and need for a computer in the medical field. Their uses include storing patient related data, scanning and imaging the body, and assisting speedy communications. Some of the main points I will be discussing is why Health Care Professionals use computers, where computers are used in the Health Care System , and Computer Assisted Surgery. Computers are used by Health Care Professionals because they can help increase the productivity. Patient records are stored on computer databases in the medical field. The medical history of a patient includes physical symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and even family medical history. Details of the medications prescribed are stored together with details of any that cannot be prescribed, such as an allergy to medicine. Appointments are scheduled using a computer. Computers are what health care companies are using to submit, review, process and pay medical claims. Today more and more health care companies are relying on computers to submit their claims, because it speeds up the process. In the billing aspect computers help with faster payments, accuracy, and less paper. For example the turnaround time for filing a claim via computer is one to two weeks, whereas filing one without a computer could take 30 days or longer. (As cited in Computer Uses in Medical Billing and Coding/ Accuracy when billing and coding are done manually, there is more room for human error. With the use of computers and specialized computer software, computers assist the medical professional by administering stored rules and regulations to the billing process. Computers...

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