Us vs China

Topics: Communism, Economic growth, Hu Jintao Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Both the United States and China are very powerful states with tremendous impact on the world’s economy. The United States is one of the wealthiest states on the planet with a very powerful economy. CNN Money states that “out of 500 best companies in the world, 166 of them have their headquarters in the United States.” On the other hand, China is a powerful state, too. Even though communism is the dominant style, China has managed to export huge amounts of products throughout the world. China has achieved to become the United States’ primary competitor in economic development. It has had a very rapid economic growth in the past few decades. If we look around ourselves, most often we will find ‘Made in China’ labels on almost everything. Whether it is the people, land, or language, both cultures are very unique in their own way.

Religions are very different in both countries. In the US most people are Christian, but there is a freedom of religion so you have the right to practice any religion that you want to. In China they are against religion, because it brings people away from communism, they want communism to be the official religion of China. Status symbols of living in the US are things that you can buy; cars, houses, clothes ect. In China everyone is given an equal amount of money because of the communist society, so it is much harder to have these sorts of things. US people value money, the next thing they are saving up for, a new boat, or something else of value. But in China their values are different, mostly because of their communist government. They want to do everything “for the good of the group”, or their country, the more they can help out, the better.

The US believes that the Chinese currency is undervalued and is giving an unfair advantage to the Chinese exporters. China believes that the exchange rate reform will “come in due time.” In his recent visit, President Obama was expected to address the currency issue with President Hu Jintao,...
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