Unocal In Burma

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Philosophy of life Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: April 1, 2015

Unocal in Burma
Charles L Currier
ETH 316
September 8, 2014
John Bevell
Unocal in Burma
What is the moral responsibility of all participants?
Burmese Government /Military: The moral responsibility of this Government / Military should be to make sure that their countrymen are compensated for the work that they do. Sense the hard labor is done by the Burmese people then their Government should hold Unocal responsible for paying them a daily wage for the work that they do. Unocal: Moral responsibility of Unocal is to take the responsibility to do research on the said territory and could choose not to go into an impoverished country where the Government / Military have no regard for the rights of humanity. Choosing to continue embarking on business agreements with impoverished counties without doing the proper research is unethical and immoral, and can show how a company can continue turning a blind eye to make a profit. What are the stakeholders' moral failings?

The moral failings of the Burmese Government / Military, and Unocal are that they hold no regard for the Burmese people. Value, Virtue, nor ethics are being used here; it is an exploitation of a people. There is no one being held accountable for their actions. Unocal puts up a good front for special visitors, even though the United States State Department released findings that state differently about what is going on in Burma. What ideals or obligations are in conflict?

The ideals and obligations to treat everyone fairly are in conflict. If you treat only the people that live around the pipeline with respect, and try to help them have a better way of life then that should follow through with all of the people of Burma that are involved with the pipeline. What is the best outcome, given the consequences?

The best outcome would that the Burmese people that are currently doing the hard labor with no compensation, would be given a daily wage to help support...
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