Unit 4DEP - activity c3

Topics: Knowledge, Human resource management, Job interview Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: January 10, 2014
Activity C - 3
Why I have identified the development techniques of:
Assisting the HR manager
Reading the policy

Assisting the HR manager
I would like to assist the HR manager during the next recruitment process as this will help me gain a better understanding of the process. If I assist her during the process rather than observe her I will be getting hands on experience. The benefits of this are being able to gain experience and knowledge from the manager, I will have a better understanding of the process as the manager will be teaching me as I’m assisting her, I will be involved in the process so I will be able to assist her with short listing and interviewing candidates. The drawbacks to this technique is that it may take the HR manager longer to do the recruitment as she will be using time to teach me and it also may affect the process.

Reading the policy
The benefits of looking on the intranet and reading the policy are that it is easy to access and read, the policy is up to date as it is on the intranet which is updated monthly, I can print out the policy and read it in my own time, I can make notes and re read the policy as many times as I want until I fully understand the policy. The drawbacks of this are that it may take a long time to read the policy and I may have to read it more than once to understand it.
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