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Topics: Knowledge, Perception, Childhood psychiatric disorders Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: February 19, 2015
The delayed acquisition, cognitive development and sensory deficit.322 1.3 Many children who suffer delayed language will also have other problems which could include: Behaviour difficulties due to getting frustrated as they do not understand things. Attention deficits also due to not understanding so they become quickly uninterested. Poor co-ordination as they may struggle to follow instructions. General learning problems as they do not understand subjects or instructions. All children learn language at different speeds if a child is to miss a language milestone, this is regarded as having a language delay. There are two types of delayed language.

Expressive problems which are where the child will understand everything said to them but will have problems when it comes to producing speech. Receptive problems which is where the child has problems in understanding speech. Language delays can arise for two reasons either genetic influence or environmental influence Children who suffer with language delays are also likely to suffer from the following: Autism

Down syndrome
Hearing impairments
Some children/young people who suffer with these disabilities are able to function more than others at higher levels. An example of this may be that someone who suffers down syndrome may function at high enough levels that they can live independently where as others may need constant help with daily living activities. The greater the cognitive disability the more difficult it becomes for that individual to comprehend. Here are some other types of cognitive disabilities:


The differences between normal patterns of communication and the specific or more unusual patterns of communication demonstrated by learners with significant development delay, impairment or those having some form of communication or language disorder. 1.2 Learning to communicate is a long tricky progress for any child. There are lots of things a child must be able to do while learning to...
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