Unit 315 Provide Literacy and Numeracy Support

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Unit 315 - Provide literacy and numeracy support

Learning Outcome 1 - Identify pupil's needs for literacy and numeracy support

1.1 - Explain the importance of literacy and numeracy skills for accessing the wider curriculum

Literacy and numeracy skills are extremely important for accessing the wider curriculum. This is because literacy skills are required for everything. If a learner has a difficulty with literacy then they will find it difficult to read work and also may have a problem with writing. An example of this could be not being able to read the words on a music sheet during a music lesson or perhaps not being able to label a diagram they have made in a science lesson. Numeracy skills can be as equally required throughout the wider curriculum and again if a learner has difficulty within this area then it would affect other areas of their learning. For example, a child who has difficulty counting may found it hard during a PE lesson when they have been asked to perform a sequence of actions such as “do 3 jumps then 2 hops” etc. Poor literacy and numeracy skills may also have an effect socially on a learner. Poor reading, writing and communication skills could have an effect on how much a child integrates with others. Poor numeracy skills such as counting could cause children not to want to join in games or others wanting them to join in.

Learning Outcome 2 - Provide literacy and numeracy support to help pupils access the wider curriculum

2.1 - Use knowledge of the individual needs of the pupils to provide literacy support
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