Unit 3 - P1

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Unit 1: M3 explain how an awareness of learning style can aid personal development. My definition of a learning style would be different methods too how people learn, each individual is comfortable learning in a different style, some are more visual learners and some are more auditory learners. We all have different methods.

I am a visual learner and I’m more practical than others. I learn more by participating in an activity and by visualizing what is being said. I enjoy solving problems and building things, because I am a more practical person I dislike learning by listening and I learn more when there is a demonstration.

I understand that knowing my learning style will aid me in learning because it will increase the amount of knowledge I gather at the end of the lesson. It’s a great advantage because I won’t spend most of my time learning in a much complex way. I believe that knowing my learning style can actually help me with future studies because I now know that if I learn in a certain way I will understand the topic a lot more than if I was learning by not knowing my learning style.

I find it beneficial to know the learning style of others because I can interact with them in a certain way and there will be a stronger bond if we both have the same learning style it can help a lot when working in groups and such. Knowing the learning style of others is great thing because it shows that we are all significant in different ways and that our brains operate in different ways, I believe that my motivation and concentration will dramatically increase because I know feel more comfortable learning.
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