unit 2 ip sociology

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Kayleigh Carr
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Ethnocentrism is defined as believing that your group or culture is better or even more important than any other group or culture in the world and that some or all aspects of its culture are superior to those of other groups. I chose to watch Iron chef from japan for my essay. I learned a few things about their culture by watching this show.

I learned different ways that they prepared their food mostly from watching this show and I will describe it to you as I go. I also learned a little about how they write words differently than we do. I will also discuss how ethnocentrism affects individuals and societies. Food

As I watched Iron Chef Japan I noticed a few different things about their culture. The way they cook their food for one is completely different from the way American’s cook theirs. We do basic things like scrambled eggs and baked chicken breast and spaghetti and different things like that. They cook with things like truffles and make pies with chicken and truffles and they also make various dishes with blowfish. I found it very interesting to see the way they prepare their food and the way they serve. I have never been to another country to see any of this first hand but I think it would definitely be something I would like to do one day. Another thing I noticed is that instead of using letters to write out their words like we do they use a bunch of very different and very intricate symbols to represent each word. Ethnocentrism and how it affects individuals and societies

Ethnocentrism has some positive and some negative consequences. As for positive consequences Ethnocentrism encourages societies to upgrade their technology and research of many various things more so than that of any other societies and discoveries are made a lot sooner due to this. As for negative effects, it makes societies ignore everything that is happening in any other society...

References: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ethnocentric
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